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Fashionista Spotlight: Fernanda DeSouza


Some trends come and go, while others last a lifetime; the menswear look has evolved from the twenties to the sixties and is seen on the streets today. This week’s Fashionista is a sucker for menswear and made it quite obvious with this weeks look. “I wish I could pull that off,” was the first thing I thought when I saw Fernanda. This boyish yet feminine and oh-so fashionable look caught my eye from down the FIT block. I love how this Fashionista took the typical cargo jacket and skinny jeans to a whole another level. She paired this simple ensemble with a plaid button up and vintage looking eyeglasses and beanie. The beanie is extremely hard to pull off but this Fashionista not only pulled it off, but also she made me want to go out and buy one! To complete the look she added a pair of brown leather lace-ups, which have recently become an androgynous fashion staple. This Fashionista gets an A+ for pulling off this careless yet wonderful ensemble. To balance this masculine look try and add a touch of jewels and dramatic makeup!

Name: Fernanda DeSouza

Major: Advertising and Marketing Communitcations

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: What is the best bargain you’ve ever got?

Fernanda DeSouza: I would have to say my Armani Exhange fur coat. It’s all real fur and I got it for just over $100 when it was originally around $350.

CF: What would you say is your favorite decade, clothing wise?

FD: The ’20s or ’60s. They are both very similar, if not the same; I like the menswear look. I like shape in a more structured and tailored way.

CF: What is your favorite color in clothes?

FD: I love black! I love all black hues, from grey to navy blue. I can wear black everyday and forever; it’s very sophisticated and diverse.

How to:  Dare to attempt this masculine, yet feminine, look? Well, I’m here to help! Wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans paired with a military/cargo jacket. If you don’t own a cargo jacket then try wearing a boyfriend blazer. If you have the jacket you can pair it with a plaid button up or for the blazer find a simple white T-shirt. You can finish off the look with some lace-up boots, diamond studs or if you feel risqué, a beanie!

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Fashionista Spotlight: Alexa Esposito

When coffee cups become our new accessory we know school is back in session! However, this week’s Fashionista proves that you can still be fashionable while in the ‘back to school slump.’ I found this week’s Fashionista right outside of a coffee shop on her way to class, “I need coffee to get me through the day; This outfit is what I call comfortable chic for the first week of class,” says this fashionista! This week’s Fashionista looks like she walked right off the Ralph Lauren runway; With a polo button up layered under a crisp winter white sweater and brown riding boots, this look reads prep all over! The piece that completes the look, in my opinion, is the puffy yet flattering navy fur trimmed vest. The vest has very preppy elements and detailing making a winter puffer much more than…well, a winter puffer!

Name: Alexa Esposito

Major: Business and Communications

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style in three words?

Alexa Esposito: Preppy, Classic, eclectic.

CF: What is your favorite trend right now??

AE: Definitely the riding look! Wearing a classic button up with riding boots, very Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. I think it makes any girl look classy and elegant while still looking stylish.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

AE: Without a doubt, Winter.  I love winter clothes because you can layer and show off various styles all at once. Also, I think the quality of winter clothes is much nicer than clothes from other seasons.

How To:  This look is much simpler to recreate than it may seem! Simply wear a pair of beige riding pants with a button up layered under a sweater and/or vest. The brown riding boots really complete this preppy look.This look is one you can play with and have a lot of fun with!  If you prefer a more chic look and less preppy you can layer a simple sweater with a fur vest and black boots!

CHECK OUT: for more FABULOUS posts!

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Style Guru Bio!

Style Guru Bio: Sophia Sayegh

11JAN ’12

Style Guru Bio: Sophia Sayegh

My name is Sophia Sayegh and I am a sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in the Presidential Scholars Program. I am majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications with the hopes of having a career in buying and/or broadcast journalism. This is my first semester working with CollegeFashionista as an NYC Style Guru!

I grew up in suburban New York just miles outside of the city, which enabled me to be surrounded by the most unique fashion senses, which is ultimately the reason as to why I have such a strong passion for this industry. I have had a dream to work in the fashion industry from my elementary years. Upon entering the last day of fifth grade, my teacher asked all the students to form a circle on the rainbow carpet. Then he asked all thirty of us what we wanted to be when we got older. Career titles floated out into the air: doctors, lawyers, teachers and presidents. It seemed that the air got heavy as I said, in my fifth grade lingo, “I wanna make girl clothes.” From that moment my heart was set on FIT and I guess a girl’s dreams really can come true!

Though this is the first time I am interning as a Style Guru, I have held numerous internships and volunteered at many fashion-related events throughout my high school and college years. To name just a few I have volunteered multiple times at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, volunteered with various Teen Vogue events and recently completed an internship with ELLE magazine. As a result I have a great grasp of how this industry works and how New York City is a fashion statement in it of itself. I have traveled to many parts of the world and I’ve realized that fashion is not just clothing, but a cultural statement and New York City is a cultural melting pot full of the most fabulous fashion statements!

In my opinion, fashion is a form of expression allowing you to be whomever you want whenever you want. Personally I think my fashion sense is very diverse with a focus on a “New York City chic” style. I like to experiment with different trends without stepping too much outside of my element. I am very clean cut when it comes to getting dressed; all of my accessories must be in accordance and my clothes must be in harmony with one another. Although I do appreciate Fashionistas/os who step out of their element and rock jaw-dropping trends, I personally cannot pull it off as well.

I hope my posts as a Style Guru can help everyone with their seemingly life or death fashion decisions and keep everyone updated on the latest trends!

Style On,

Sophia Sayegh


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Gown of the Century!

This gown is by far the most amazing piece of clothing my fashion savvy self has ever laid eyes on. I do recall being glued to the television set while watching this red carpet event but once Kate Hudson stepped out of that limo I felt butterflies in my stomach. This dress is not only sexy, with its plunging open back, but it exudes elegance. Some dresses that show a little too much skin read “jersey shore” all over it, but this dress is pure class. I am determined to one day own this piece in which I will wear whenever and wherever possible! I love it!

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Queen Bee: Selena Gomez

Well we all know Selena Gomez is the queen bee of young hollywood, most of us are still astonished how quickly she has transformed. From young Disney star to sexy fashion icon, Selena Gomez has changed before our eyes. I have always had a slight obsession with Selena Gomez and lately my love for her has become even stronger. No, not because of her songs , though extremely catchy, and no not because she has Justin Bieber around her arm, though extremely cute. But, because her fashion sense is fabulous! She knows just how to look sexy and chic without looking trashy and overdone; She knows how to dress for her age but in a mature way. This past weekend at the EMA’s (European Music Awards) she showed the world exactly what I mean. Though she showed off her legs and back she found a way to still leave a little to the imagination. Selena always finds a way to look fabulous while still staying young and classy- this is true elegance!

In Marchesa

In The Blonds

Designer Unknown

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