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Business Chic

The first ensemble that comes to mind when preparing for a business meeting or a presentation is that infamous black blazer with a crisp white collar as if to say “ when I’m being professional, I lose all sense of style.” This does not have to be the case! This point is proven by this week’s fashionista; If her ensemble had a title it would be, “getting down to business a la fifth avenue.”

This fashionista substituted your everyday black pantsuit with a fabulous ensemble consisting of black skinny velour pants, a simple gray tee and a gold Chanel tweed blazer. This outfit is still suitable for the office, yet she added her personal touch and made it much more feminine and stylish. She finished the look off with a black and gold chain necklace, black Chanel pumps and her white Balenciaga bag, -although labor day is far gone-as if to say “ who made up these rules anyway?” This fashionista has broken all the rules and passed every boundary she could and yet this look reads fabulous all over it. This look opens the door from the conference in the board room to the doors of a glamorous dinner in Soho.

If you’d like to wear this look in a more casual way you can drop the pumps for a pair of black ballet flats or even be a little risky and wear animal print flats. The key to making a look like this work is mixing & matching without looking like you tried too hard. You want to create an outfit that looks put together and in order, yet has various elements of all different forms; Use New York City as your muse – one seemingly perfect city filled with contradictions and uniqueness on every subway corner.


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Season Of Colors!

This fall we have been seeing lots and lots of colors; from neons to cobalts to autumn hues. However, something new we have been seeing is colorful footwear! I first saw a fabulous pair of orange Chanel boots on Kourtney Kardashian, then I proceeded to be overwhelmed by the plethora of colorful boots on! At first I was not loving this trend but I am now in love and in the process of purchasing a pair myself, as I type!:) Here are some of my favs!

Kourtney Kardashian in Chanel boots

Diane Von Furstenberg

Tory Burch

Stuart Weitzman

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So Chic! (Coco Chanel Style)

Yes, I know it is summer but here in the fabulous New York, we have been seeing such not-so-fabulous weather! Those rain boots I put away have quickly, and sadly, been taken out again. However, my Sperry rain boots do not stand a chance next to my new Chanel Rain boots! Yes, these Chanel Rain boots are en route to me. They are so hot & fabulous! Is it sad that I am praying for a rainy day?

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Stay Classy…

My number one rule in life is to always Stay Classy. No matter what you do, do it with class. Especially when putting your outfits together. So, here are some rules to live by-no exceptions! 1. Just because they make it in your size most definitely does not mean it looks good-dress for your body, not Minka Kelly 2. Just because half of your accessories match your top, doesn’t mean their all necessary-less is more! 3. Colored heels very rarely look good & most of the time they simply look like you walked off of Jersey Shore. 4. Neon Colored dresses…Oh my Gaudy! 5. Colored eyeshadow, are we stuck in the 80s. 6. One size does not fit all! If you did not quite understand what rule 1 meant, here it is again~obey it! Well, I’ll leave you fabulous followers with this—-Stay Classy:)

One fashionista who knows how to be fabulous while keepin’ it classy is Rachel Bilson

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